Töne sehen und Bilder hören

Spitzt das Adlerauge im Ohr und nehmt die Ohrenstöpsel aus den Augen!

sound:frame-Kinderworkshop im ZOOM (Foto: Gspandl 2010)

Ausgehend von Sound- und Bildmaterial, das von den Künstlern Gabriel Kogler und luma.launisch zur Verfügung gestellt wurde, sind insgesamt fast 30 Kinder selbst „audio:visuell“ aktiv geworden. Während insgesamt sechs Workshopeinheiten vom 30.03 bis zum 01.04.2010 wurden gemeinsam mit den Künstlerinnen Johanna Schwediauer, Verena Faisst und Sabine Marte kurze Soundskizzen und Trickfilme im Zoom Kindermuseum Trickfilmstudio erarbeitet. Die Ergebnisse können hier bestaunt werden.

Vielen Dank auch an dieser Stelle an Gabriel Kogler und luma.launisch sowie das ZOOM Kindermuseum für Ihre Unterstützung!

30.03.10, 9:00-10:30 Flut in der Höhle

30.03.10, 11:0-12:30 Alienenparty

30.03.10, 11:0-12:30 Waldgeflüster

31.03.10, 09:00-12:30 Das Schokoladenhaus auf der Milchstrasse

01.04.10, 09:00-12:30 Das gelbe Land

01.04.10, 09:00-12:30 Schlangengirl

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  1. Thollee sagt:

    a lot about your starting point and end reslut.The role of the Audubon Pennsylvania group seems now to us to just give you cover for a project that is clearly not about concern for the environment and to put up a smokescreen to deflect criticisms. Your moral calculus is dubious. You justify your project because it does not create as much waste as the lights of a football stadium. Huh? This is spurious reasoning. Using the obscenely stupid waste of others to justify your own waste is distracting from the fact that maybe you shouldn’t be doing this project at all (it is like selling crack to provide care for crack addicts). Pretending like biodiesel isn’t wasteful is also a hallmark of greenwashing. It is biodiesel so it must by green. This is still waste with all the nasty emissions that go with it. And carbon offsets are a fantasy. I can’t stand when anyone pretends that it is ok to make a lot of waste and to justify it because they have planted trees or someone else has done it on their behalf. You are still making unnecessary waste and that is what needs to be cut out. And I say this because of the symbols you are making and hostility of your metaphors to the natural world. You don’t seem to understand this at all. I also wonder about the other creatures that are effected by light pollution. What about insects, bats, non-migrating birds, raccoons, opossums, and more nocturnal citizens of our biosphere? Light pollution also impacts humans and helps disconnect us from the natural world we evolved in. Adding to light pollution whether it is ephemeral or not is still light pollution. Your project elaborately justifies it and makes it fun it creates even more metaphors of dominance over the natural world. The post we made was to celebrate artists and others who are thinking a way out of the terrible situation our planet is in precisely because of human arrogance and selfishness. Your work is a distraction at best, and a part of the problem at worst.

  2. Nhyeanyee sagt:

    Hei, se5 koselig det var med en hsilen fra Danmark :o ) Og se5 fin blogg du har!! Badet ditt er nydelig, det skulle gjerne jeg hatt ;o)He5per det er ok at jeg linker deg?!

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